Extractions have before, during and aftercare instructions.
Thorough planning for all of these can make your experience a more comfortable one.

Before the extraction procedure:

  • You may want to schedule a day or two off for this procedure in order to make time for recovery in your schedule.
  • If you are taking birth control pills, contact us for additional precautions.
  • Make sure you have someone who can bring you to the visit and take you home.
  • Ask us if taking an anti-inflammatory prior to your procedure might be beneficial.

In the first 24 hour period after your procedure:

  • Use gauze to bite on for up to an hour until any bleeding stops.
  • Don't rinse, spit or suck on items .
  • Brushing and flossing should be avoided in the area of the extraction.
  • Don't use any tobacco until fully healed.
  • Spend time relaxing and elevate your head in bed.
  • Avoid hot drinks, carbonated beverages and alcohol.

One day after your procedure:

  • You should be able to eat regularily after discomfort has subsided.
  • Continue with prescribed medications.
  • Use a moist heating pad or moist heat pack for any remaining swelling or pain.
  • Use warm salt water to rinse your mouth for the next few days.
  • Your brushing and flossing routine should be resumed. However, be gentle until full recovery has occurred.

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